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3rd March, 2014 ✭ by Tunnel 7

ExpressionEngine was chosen for this project due to the complex content needs.

Website is responsive and mobile friendly … We had to do a LOT of content modeling for this project as there are a lot of different content types for this project and in order to keep content entry as simple as possible we had to do a lot of thinking up front with the content and navigation. The website also integrates with the client’s custom CRM database for receiving entries so there was a lot of custom work that needed to be done on the technical site. End result - client is happy and maintenance of this complex website is highly simplified and the website is producing a higher conversion rate on key goal pages that were identified during the project.

ExpressionEngine was chosen for this project due to the complex content needs. I knew we needed to do a thorough content modeling and I knew there would be a lot of custom channels / fields that would be needed and rather complex relationships between the channels. In the end there were 12 custom channels created with custom fields within each. Relationships and Grid field types were used extensively to give the client both the ability to relate content to each other (as opposed to the old way they managed by duplicated said content) and to give them maximum flexibility in terms of entering content (for example, contests may have one or more judge so Grid fields (utilizing relationships to people entries) worked perfectly. ExpressionEngine handled this complex content modeling very gracefully.

All the sites I build in EE now focus on being as easy as possible to edit on the back end. To that end (aside from the custom channels / fields) the Structure module was utilized to make navigation a breeze (and give the client a quick way to see the site in it’s entirety. Detour Pro was used to redirect URLs from the old site to the corresponding new pages (SEO was a big concern here). I also have come to love Snaptcha and CE Image for dealing with spam and dynamic image resizing and they both served me well here. During the build backups became an increasing concern (the client’s entire business is this website) so to facilitate additional redundancy the BackupPro module was added and the backups are triggered by a CRON job every night and pushed to an Amazon s3 account.

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