TajMo: The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band

9th March, 2017 ✭ by Willow Light Studio

TajMo brings together two unique American artists: Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ into a new musical adventure There are parallels here as ExpressionEngine has already been powering Keb’ Mo’s Website, and much of the data and code was reused to create a whole new website using EE’s Multiple Site Manager.

Our goal with this site is to go beyond providing the world with information and media about TajMo. We intend to document the historic tour of the two legendary artists, and have a resource for years to come that music lovers around the world can learn about this chapter in music history.

ExpressionEngine makes it extremely easy for us to post tour dates to Keb’ Mo’s website and have them be published to as well. By using a dropdown select field, we can filter the tour dates on TajMo to only display TajMo shows, and not solo Keb’ Mo’ shows.

Another aspect of EE that has come extremely handy is custom statuses. There are times when we have to announce blocks of tour dates, and we can enter the information prior to the announcement, but only make it visible when the announcement is ready. We also use custom statuses to display information to our newsletter subscribers prior to making it public.

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