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23rd April, 2014 ✭ by Digital Surgeons

Since everything we do is tailor-made we love ExpressionEngine for the freedom of building things how we want starting with a great set of tools out of the box.

Digital Surgeons is a full-service creative agency optimized for a digital-centric world. Headquartered in New Haven, CT, the agency specializes in best-in-class digital solutions. As a digital agency, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and remaining on the bleeding edge of web standards. When planning out our new site we needed a platform that would showcase that commitment to progressive web design and development.

To remain true to our technology-agnostic roots we turned to ExpressionEngine for the redesign. Having familiarity using ExpressionEngine for many of our client projects it was the most fitting solution. ExpressionEngine was chosen for many reasons, namely its flexibility. Going with ExpressionEngine allowed our designers and developers to work in tandem flawlessly with a level of freedom and abstraction not offered with other similar competing platforms.

ExpressionEngine allows anyone at Digital Surgeons to make updates to key areas of the site, no matter their technical prowess. Key sections of the site such as case studies and blog articles are easily added, deleted, and edited. The most impressive aspect being the level of design specificity that the case study templates allow, ensuring that nothing has that “template” look.

Regarding more of the technical details we’re using very few “off-the-shelf” add-ons but we do turn to CE Cache for handling various caching needs. Our recently updated SurgEO add-on offers enhanced SEO features and easy to edit open-graph/social sharing data. We also love using Caution Tape, Devot:ee Monitor and Draggable. Beyond that we’ve got a bunch of custom add-ons ranging from extensions, accessories and field types that make our jobs easier.

The result is a huge step forward for our agency and its digital presence showcased through an expanded service offering. ExpressionEngine helped Digital Surgeons publish a website that’s worthy of housing our capabilities with no limitations in how we approached our design or information architecture. The site is HTML5, fully-responsive and only leverages minimal jQuery for older browsers. We’re doing some pretty fun things with our automatic deployments and production build process that I’d love to share with the more technically interested folks.

Well enough talking about the site, have a look at it yourself at:

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