Octave 2 GmbH

Member since: September 2006

Octave 2 is a seasoned internet company in Switzerland. We host and design/redesign successful sites that provide what intelligent users are looking for: information.

We are good with consulting the client, writing copy to the point, and implementing the technical aspects of the project in an appealing way. Usability and web-standards are standard.

Octave 2 GmbH is fairly-priced and uses EE as the content-management-system of choice. Customers are personalities, small businesses and (non profit) organisations.

Quality and reliability in our work come standard, much like the Swiss-Army-Knife.

Services offered by Octave 2 GmbH

This list of services is not vetted or approved by EllisLab, Inc. and is offered by the Professional Network member without warranty from EllisLab.

  • Consulting
  • Design Integration
  • ExpressionEngine Migration
  • Hosting
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Training
  • Usability
  • Web Design
  • Web Programming
  • Website Maintenance

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