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We’re a digital marketing agency based in Edmonton, Alberta. We focus on helping our clients build a strong online presence and getting that presence in front of the right audience, at the right time.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s not about your company’s ranking on Google for a few specific search phrases. It’s about being found in search results that could include a map, images, videos and more. Our Search Engine Optimization expertise puts you at the right place – helping your clients find you when they need you. Our SEO campaigns include content and technical audits, a competitive analysis, keyword research, on-site optimization, video optimization, conversion rate optimization, mobile optimization, and local search optimization.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, but we craft paid search campaigns that minimize your budget and increase your inbound traffic. Imagine knowing your prospective customers so well that we’re able to build a laser focused campaign that brings in exactly the customers you want and none of the ones that keep you up at night. We’ll write your ads, set up your campaigns, monitor, adjust and then tell you about what’s working in one of our custom no-bullshit reports.

Social Media Marketing

Social signals is where search engine optimization is going and we’re along for the ride. But you can’t just start tweeting and expect magic to happen – social media is an integral piece of your marketing efforts that requires time, planning and dedication. Aligning your social efforts with your overall business goals generates awareness and revenue for your business, with the added side benefit of people loving your social presence (both good things, in case you weren’t sure).

Content Marketing

Creating great content is really, really hard – we get it. Luckily for you, content is one of our specialities. Personas are the bread and butter of truly remarkable content. If you can speak to your audience as a single, highly engaged member instead of to the masses, that content will resonate in ways that a generic piece never will. That’s the kind of content that gets socially shared, engaged with, and remembered. That kind of great content turns a potential customer into a paying customer.

Services offered by Kick Point

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