Iain Urquhart

Member since: February 2008

I am a hybrid designer/developer who has been working exclusively with ExpressionEngine since 2006.

I build custom plugins, modules, extensions, fieldtypes for EE and sell a few commercial add-ons on Devot:ee. I’m well versed with building EE sites from small brochures to large 6 figure plus projects from concept to delivery.

I can work with existing designs, or create designs from scratch utilising the latest methodologies and frameworks. I work with some of New Zealand’s leading digital agencies providing specialist ExpressionEngine implementation and consulting services.

Services offered by Iain Urquhart

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  • Add-on Development
  • Design Integration
  • ExpressionEngine Migration
  • Optimization
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Programming
  • Website Maintenance

ExpressionEngine News

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