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Happy Cog + Vector

Happy Cog + Vector is a privately owned S-Corporation with four equity Partners all active in the day to day operations of the business. .

At our core, we are an interactive digital agency with locations in New York City and Philadelphia. Our award-winning teams are exceptionally skilled and diverse in knowledge and abilities. Although it is worth mentioning that a large contributor to our success has been the experience of developing websites on the ExpressionEngine CMS. Our team is comprised of 52 full-time staffers. 40 of whom are located in our headquarters in Manhattan, NYC, six in Philadelphia, PA, and six other remote team members in other parts of the United States. All team members are full-time W-2 employees.

We are unique in the world of agencies in that our new business comes almost entirely from the referrals of our existing clients. We believe that successful projects require consistent and open communication between our client and us. This approach has proven highly successful for us and it is the cornerstone of our foundation for continued success going forward.

At Happy Cog + Vector we don’t do things because they’re the trendy thing to do. We do them because we believe in them. They’re the right idea, for the right client, at the right time; and we believe deeply in everything we do. It’s important for us that we gain a deep understanding of Your business needs before we make design, technology, and marketing recommendations. The origin of Happy Cog + Vector very much follows this same path. We have all worked successfully and passionately in our chosen fields. Naturally and organically we have all come together over time as we realized that we share the same desire for quality and innovation, but also the ambition to compliment each other’s strengths to create something greater than our individual abilities.

This desire is not top down. Everyone at Happy Cog + Vector is passionate about their craft and we celebrate each other’s strengths to solve complex problems for our clients, partners, and each other.

Products & Services offered by Happy Cog + Vector

Website & App Development

Customized Development driven by insights and proven by results.

Branding & Design

Thoughtful solutions uniquely crafted to achieve our clients’ goals and solve their business problems.

Digital Marketing

Driving results beyond your typical high-level keywords and flashy creative.

Client examples Happy Cog + Vector

Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit organization that fights malnutrition by delivering vitamins to children in the hardest to reach places around the world. It is essential to the organization that the vast amount of information on their website is interesting and easy to find in order to drive donations to fund their work.

NU LawLab

The Northeastern University School of Law brought in Vector to build the sites and online projects for its innovation laboratory—the NuLawLab. The site includes complex maps designed to showcase legal events all over the world as well as across different time periods. We successfully built these maps to be responsive, informative, and easy-to-use, which resulted in the site being nominated for the Webby Awards.

Cohen & Steers

We built this new site Cohen & Steers on ExpressionEngine in 2011, and have maintained it since, including many iterations and enhancements.

Investment Center

Built in 2016, this website built on ExpressionEngine required many customizations to the workflow and publishing rights because of many different users that manage content served up to different audiences.

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