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With operations in Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Mexico, Florida, and India, we provide a wide range of services including web design, web development, web hosting, domain registration, email management, user experience design, mobile application development, brand identity design, inbound marketing, creative services and consulting to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 50 brands. In addition to being an ExpressionEngine Platinum Partner, we’re also a Hubspot Silver Partner and offer the most comprehensive suite of solutions for your enterprise or small business.

Products & Services offered by Consumer51

Design & Development

Before you read a headline or words on a page, your mind forms an impression based on how something looks and feels. Everything from font selection to colors and shapes influence how your brand is perceived by your consumers. Our design and development team has experts who make that first impression count for you and guide your users through an experience. We care about the smallest details, such as interactions on a page, background texture, and kerning, because these details are what make the difference between good and great.

Services Offered: UX/UI Design App Development Website/App Design ExpressionEngine Websites Graphic Design Magento E-commerce Logo & Branding Print Design


With the development of a style guide, brand assets, and cross channel campaigns, we’ll tell your brand’s story in a way that speaks to the heart of your consumers, whether you’re starting a relationship or deepening their loyalty. The first step is finding the core values and ideas that make your brand matter, then turning those ideas into emotionally compelling touch points. Branding defines (or redefines) everything, from your internal culture, and visual identity, to your digital footprint and customer service. We ensure this important process goes smoothly and gets both your employees and consumers excited.

Services Offered: Brand Identity
Brand Positioning Brand Strategy
Brand Workshops Campaigns Re-branding

Digital & Print Marketing

With the proliferation of marketing channels, the field of marketing has become diverse and complex. But it essentially all boils down to online and offline work. Fortunately, we offer both. We empower you with a holistic strategy, publishing content native to the marketing channels that are most important for your growth. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape and a fresh creative approach, our content stands out amongst the noise. In addition, we understand that, for many industries, print isn’t dead — it’s still an important piece of the marketing mix, and it needs to align with digital campaigns. If you utilize brochures, direct mail, or print ads to reach your market, you’ve come to the right place. Our creative team has extensive experience with both print and digital — we’ll turn the big ideas of your brand into cross channel campaigns that generate not only clicks and likes, but also revenue.

Services Offered: Search Engine Optimization (SE0)
Content Strategy Marketing Automation
Email Promotions Social Media Management Pay-per-click Ad Campaigns Market Research & Analysis
Conversion Rate Optimization Competitor Analysis Print Advertising Brochures
Direct Response Mailers Hubspot Marketing

Domains & Hosting

Web hosting is the foundation of your digital environment. And, as with any foundation, it needs to be secure and reliable. To that end, we have multiple data centers located in geographically stable areas in NM and TX. In addition, your data is guarded by eight layers of physical security, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Our “white glove” hosting solutions offer the following:

Redundant power and connectivity to ensure reliability even during a power outage OS updating and monitoring by experienced system admins to defend the servers against potential hacking of the servers itself Regular hardware upgrades to ensure speed Friendly U.S. based maintenance support Deep experience in managed hosting services so you don’t have to worry about the technical details

Client examples Consumer51

Canavan Labs

The Canavan Group is a collection of doctors, professors, undergraduate and graduate students who research and develop biomedical and biomechanical products. Canavan came to Consumer51 desiring a site that would display their unique capabilities and promote their service to the market. We created a clean, useful design that communicates with both potential biomedical partners and undergraduate volunteers who want to become involved with the group.

Ten Thousand Waves

Ten Thousand Waves is a unique mountain spa resort near Santa Fe, NM. Consumer51 has partnered with Ten Thousand Waves to design and develop their informative website and online store, as well as the spa’s online marketing campaign.

The elegance of the website needed to match the beauty of Ten Thousand Waves itself. Design details are carried through all pages of the website.

Santa Fe Children's Museum

Consumer51 was recently delighted to donate a custom design and website development project to Santa Fe Children’s Museum as part of our ongoing commitment to serving our community. The Santa Fe Children’s Museum builds upon a child’s sense of joy and discovery by cultivating habits of inquiry in the arts, sciences, and humanities and Consumer51 is proud to support them.

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