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Game Channel Set

by: Wes Baker on: 4/22/2016 | Read in 3 minutes

Quickly create a Game Channel in ExpressionEngine with this Channel Set.

The Game Channel Set comes with three Channels and custom fields to get you up and running fast. Further customizations can be made to tailor for your teams, but here’s what’s inside:

Game Channel

Custom Fields

  • {game_location}: a Text field for the location of the game
  • {game_start_time}: a Date field for the official start time of the game
  • {game_teams}: a Grid field to select which teams are playing in the game
    • :team - a Relationship to the Teams Channel
    • :location - Indicator for whether this team is playing as Home/Away

Player Channel

Custom Fields

  • {player_biography}: a Textarea for the a player’s bio
  • {player_eligible}: a Toggle field to indicate if the player is eligible to play, or is injured or otherwise ineligible
  • {player_height}: Text field for the player’s height
  • {player_hometown}: a Text field for the player’s hometown
  • {player_position}: a Text field for the player’s field position
  • {player_weight}: Text field for the player’s weight

Team Channel

Custom Fields

  • {team_history}: a Textarea for the team’s history
  • {team_home_field}: a Text field for the name of the team’s home field
  • {team_homepage}: a URL field for the team’s website
  • {team_mascot}: a Text field for the team mascot’s name
  • {team_roster}: a multiple Relationship to the Player channel


{exp:channel:entries channel='game' limit='1' require_entry='yes'}
	{if no_results}


	<p>{game_location} on {game_start_time format='%D, %F %d, %Y - %g:%i'}</p>

			{game_teams:team}{game_teams:team:title}{/game_teams:team} ({game_teams:location})
			{if game_teams:count < game_teams:total_rows}vs.{/if}

			<h3><a href="{game_teams:team:team_homepage}">{game_teams:team:title}</a></h3>


					<li {if ! game_teams:team:team_roster:player_eligible}class="ineligible"{/if}>
						<b>{game_teams:team:team_roster:title}, {game_teams:team:team_roster:player_position}</b><br>
						<i>{game_teams:team:team_roster:player_height}, {game_teams:team:team_roster:player_weight}</i><br>
						From: {game_teams:team:team_roster:player_hometown}
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