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  • Media Portfolio Channel Set

    in: Resources, Channel Sets

    Quickly create a Media Portfolio Channel in ExpressionEngine for your work with this Channel Set.

    The Media Portfolio Channel Set comes with custom fields, statuses, and categories to get you up and running fast. Further customizations can be made to tailor your portfolio, but here’s what’s inside:

    Custom Fields

    • {portfolio_images}: a Grid field for images of your work
      • :image - a File field to hold the image
      • :caption - an optional Textarea to provide a caption to the image
    • {portfolio_description}: a Textarea to describe your work
    • {portfolio_files}: a Grid field for downloadable non-image files of your work (PDFs, zip files, etc.)
      • :file - a File field to hold the file
      • :description - an optional Textarea description for the file


    • Open: published
    • Closed: not published
    • Featured: to call special attention to the entry


    • Branding
    • Design
    • Development
    • Print

    Sample Tags

    {exp:channel:entries channel='portfolio' limit='1' require_entry='yes'}
    	{if no_results}
    	{if has_categories}
    					<li><a href="{path='portfolio/index'}">{category_name}</a></li>
    	{if portfolio_images:total_rows > 0}
    				<img src="{portfolio_images:image}" alt="{portfolio_images:caption}">
    	{if portfolio_files:total_rows > 0}
    				<li>{portfolio_files:file wrap='link'}</li>
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