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Add support for all field types as member custom fields

April 16, 2018 4:13pm

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  • #1 / Apr 16, 2018 4:13pm

    James Catt

    17 posts

    At my organization we want to add author profiles with bios, photos, etc. Ideally we could do this through using EE’s member system (so we can easily link to an author’s posts), but the list of field types supported for custom member fields is rather limited.

    In particular, the addition of RTE (or for that matter 3rd-party so we could use Wygwam) and file field types (for profile images) would be really helpful.

    As it stands, I’m going to have to try and hack together a solution using either:

    • manual links to files (using the URL fieldtype) and textarea with manually coded HTML for copy, or
    • a “profile” channel linked to specific members through the template code
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