Upgrading v2.2 to 2.11

December 02, 2017 5:37pm

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    Hi, Currently upgrading an older site from v2.2 to 2.11 or 3.5

    The upgrade instructions mention “Rename admin.php to admin.php.old” but admin.php isn’t part of 2.2. Can I just ignore this?

    Also, is it recommended that I upgrade to 2.11 then to 3.5 or can I go straight to 3.5 as long as my 3rd party addons are updated?

    Thanks in advance

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    James Mathias

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    admin.php should be a part of 2.2, but it may have been renamed by the site builder to something else, as per our best practice recommendations.

    Also I would recommend going to 2.11.9, first, as 2.2 is quite old, and there were a ton of changes from 2.2 to 2.11.9, it’ll be much smoother if you take the upgrade in two steps, than going straight to 3.5.12.

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