Allow duplicate url titles again in 4.x

November 11, 2017 1:14pm

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  • #1 / Nov 11, 2017 1:14pm

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    Linda A

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    In EE 3.x the ability to have duplicate url titles that automatically had a number appended to them was removed. Any chance of this making it back into 4.x? When you post a lot of related content over a number of years, you can easily hit the same post titles and its tedious to have to tweak a title somewhat or manually add a number to the url title. Plus, if you submit with an already taken title, it wipes out tags set via Solspace’s tag add-on, so you have to redo that work as well.

  • #2 / Nov 12, 2017 9:05pm

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    James Mathias

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    We don’t currently have plans to add that functionality back into ExpressionEngine, however there is a plugin here that replicates that functionality if you need it.

  • #3 / Nov 22, 2017 3:45pm


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    There’s also Simple Cloner -> I dont know if he will update to 4.X..

  • #4 / Dec 07, 2017 5:29am

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    Linda A

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    A belated thank you for both responses. I had hoped to avoid an add-on, since there’s always the issue of them staying updated. I guess I have to see if the Smart URL Title gets upgraded to 4 (if I am able to upgrade anyway).

  • #5 / Dec 10, 2017 3:55pm

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    Pedro Guimaraes

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    Smart URL Title is compatible with both 3 and 4.

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