Quotes and invisible characters (from Word) mess up page

August 17, 2017 11:22am

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    My client pastes the title of an entry into the title field of EE3. They initially write their articles in Word so they copy-paste from it.

    Unfortunately invisible characters or quotes are being added. They mess up our page in the website (a }” is being added.

    Can somebody please help us getting rid of this problem and make sure we get only clean titles so we can close this ‘bug’?

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    Harold (Terralemon)

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    Well, you could have an admin check the posts before they’re sent live and clean out all junky characters. And you could probably also have said admin do a search-and-replace.

    However, I think that it’s going to be easiest to train the users.

    After they’ve written their text in Word, have them copy-paste everything into Notepad (or any other simple text editor.) Then copy-paste from there to EE. Otherwise, you’ll always get some of the cruft and gunk that Word puts into text.

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    Two other options:

    • turn off “Replace as you type” features in Word
    • paste with Shift+Ctrl+V (Paste Special) instead of just Ctrl+V, selecting “Text only” and “Convert smart quotes to straight quotes”
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