Only Super admins can use channel form v. 2.9.2

July 20, 2017 11:26am

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    Hello! I’ve a 2.9.2 install with some channel forms. Even though I have set the member group to have access to the form’s channel, members get a permissions error. Super Admins can use the form and in this case, it functions correctly.

    What might be the problem? Thank you! Blake

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    Robin Sowell

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    Hi Blake. 2.9.2 is pretty out of date. v2 is actually retired, and the last version released was 2.11.9. I’d highly recommend getting on 2.11.9 at the very least.

    If that doesn’t clear up the issue, I’d do a quick test and just make sure you can post in the CP as the member group in question. It may be another permission setting is in play and that’s a quick way to double check. There isn’t a known bug with it on 2.11, so we should definitely be able to get it working.

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