Cannot overwrite output on the loader. (EE 3.4.2)

August 30, 2016 9:54pm

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    Getting an exception while attempting to upgrade an EE2 add-on:

    Cannot overwrite output on the loader. Facade.php:83

    I understand that EE3 no longer allows overloading of the base classes. The add-on attempts to extend and replace the Output class.

    The end goal is is get rid of the unsightly “The form you submitted contained the following errors” white page with gray alert box with errors like “Required field missing input” when submitting a form (without javascript enabled). We used to do this by taking over that function, storing the errors in a variable, redirect the user to the previous page, and using a plugin to output them within the site structure.

    Is there a good EE3 way to do this?

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    Experiencing this issue as well with the Expresso Store addon that is supposed to be compatible with EE3. I’m contacting them about it as well. I’ll post back if I figure it out

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