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Native Relationships Limit To Functionality

August 26, 2013 12:26pm

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    We are building a large website (currently about 17K entries) and ran into the following issue when using the native EE relationships field for multirelationships:

    Some of our channels have thousands of entries and when we create a few multirelationship fields to these channels in the same Publish form and leave the “Limit to” settings field blank (to show all entries) the publish form loads so slowly that it makes browsers on computers with less memory become unresponsive. We have configured these fields to restrict the entries by category and status to the degree that this is possible in our case.

    In the past we have used Playa to handle this kind of functionality and in Playa if you set the “Limit to” value to a low number the search input field (above the browse panel) for the multirelationship EE field acts as a live search. In the native EE relationships field however it seems that the search input field (above the browse panel) is a live filter and *not* a live search… because when we set the “Limit to” value to a small number, say 25, and start typing in the search input field the results become a filtered view of *only* the 25 results which were available in the beginning (and not a live search of the thousands of entries available for relating).

    Does anyone in here know if this is a bug or the intended behavior of native EE relationship fields?  We can perhaps live with the former, provided that a fix is on the way, but if we know that the latter is the case we have to switch to Playa.


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    Adam Khan

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    Have just come across this issue myself. Pretty fundamental!

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