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New Code: Stencil -- An Awesome Codeigniter Template Engine

April 04, 2013 5:56pm

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    Hello everyone!

    I been working with Codeigniter for a while now, and for my personal and work projects I built this template/starter for building my web pages and apps—just to make my life easier.

    It’s became popular among some of my PHP friends and also my coworkers. They convinced me to write some Docs for it, and publish it on Github and my blog.

    Anyways it’s super simple to use and it has a ton of very cool features and helpers.

    Some of those features are:
    Page Layouts
    2.1.3 Ready (2.0.3 generation +)
    Slices (aka nested or child views/partials/elements/includes)
    Robust HTML5 Helpers
    Page Specific Assets—(load CSS and JS when you need it, perfect for jQuery plugins)
    Slice Callbacks (callbacks or class methods that are called when a Slice is created—sometimes called “view models” or “presenters” in other frameworks)
    Complete Asset Management
    Intelligent Data Binding

    Just a heads up of what it is and what it isn’t. It isn’t a standalone library (though you could get it to work that way with some tinkering) and it’s instead a complete starter package. It’s not meant to be used midway through your projects but from the very beginning them. It’s free to use to everyone.

    Let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions. Feel free to file bug reports or shoot me a pull request if you have any issues or want a feature added.

    View the docs at “” (sorry spam filter won’t let me post a link)
    Git it on Github!

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    Hello everyone,

    Haven’t gotten any responses here, but I have spent some time updating the docs to be more extensive.


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