We’re back and busy busting bugs!

by: Robin Sowell on: 1/20/2011

The development team hit the ground running in 2011 and just released a MojoMotor update.  What’s on tap for us now?  We have two core goals for this ExpressionEngine sprint: eliminate the lingering bugs and update file management.  Expect to see the In Progress Bugs resolved with particular attention given to improving file management.  You can expect a cleaner interface and improved usability when dealing with large numbers of files.

Fortunately, we have some added firepower in our arsenal this year in the form of two new developers, Barry Cogan and Wes Baker.

Wes is an old hand at building custom ExpressionEngine sites and Add-Ons and brings with him a strong background in CSS, JavaScript and UI design as well.  Words really can’t express how happy the rest of us were when he dove in and starting squashing layout bugs right and left.

Say howdy to the folks, Wes!

Hi there! Having dug in a bit, I’m already enjoying working on ExpressionEngine from a different angle. For one thing, when I make changes to the core, I don’t have to make a note of it. I’m also looking forward to talking with folks in the community to figure out what they like and what could be better. Until then, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

You’re likely already familiar with Barry as well, as he’s spent the last month hitting the forums heavily as he gets up to speed on ExpressionEngine.  Given his PHP and CodeIgniter background, it’s no surprise that he’s already done some serious damage to the existing bugs.  He’s also bringing his expertise in usability to bear on our file management interfaces.  Sadly he still hasn’t fulfilled my request for a Duke Nukem CP theme.

Anything to add, Barry?  And where’s my Duke Nukem?  And my Vin Diesel autographed picture?

Hi All! While being new to ExpressionEngine may seem a little counter intuitive for a position here at EllisLab, it has brought some fresh eyes and new ideas. You can expect great things ahead! I am delighted to be a part of this great team and dedicated community.  Maybe you can put that Duke Nukem Theme on my feature request list Robin. I’ll see about fitting it in! As for the autograph, you can pick up a copy of Wheelman and I’ll sign it for you 😛

Sounds like a good start to a new year!

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