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by: Boyink! on: 8/29/2014

This post is from a featured guest, Mike Boyink, who runs Train-ee

Some businesses are started after copious amounts of market research, product viability studies, and cost/benefit analysis.

Train-ee was born out of a love for ExpressionEngine and a desire to help others learn it.

In 2006 I was active in the EE forums and someone posted “I just wish there was a series of step by step tutorials on how to use EE”. I figured I could do that. I began a rough once-a-week schedule and a few months later had a complete series of blog posts on Boyink.com on how to build an ExpressionEngine-based website.

Those posts got really popular. People wanted them aggregated into a downloadable PDF for ease of use and I set out to do that one Saturday afternoon. What started as a bit of content cleanup ended up taking 50-60 hours after revising, rewriting, editing and adding screen captures. What I came out with was a book and I decided to see if I could sell it to recoup some of the costs of creating it.

We’ve taught ExpressionEngine in various cities and venues around the US and at private corporations and universities

It didn’t feel right to do that on Boyink.com so I registered Train-ee.com. I put the basics in place to sell the first ExpressionEngine Book “Building an ExpressionEngine Site - Small Business.” I rounded out the site with a number of free tutorials covering topics that didn’t fit nicely into the book. We have worked to keep the book in sync with ExpressionEngine, adding and re-writing portions of it as ExpressionEngine has changed and added features. Currently the book is up to date with EE 2.9.

In 2008 Train-ee offered the first instructor-led classroom training for ExpressionEngine offering both public classes and corporate training. We’ve taught ExpressionEngine in various cities and venues around the US and at private corporations and universities - always preferring the elbow-to-elbow learning environment.

We’ve been the first “business trip” for young professionals, we’ve had students who have never before sat in a group of people who did what they do for a living, and we’ve had students form business partnerships after meeting each other in a Train-ee class.

Be it through our tutorials, book or classes Train-ee.com has been the first stop in learning for many developers who now call EE “home” as a content management system, and who have gone on to become key community members or offering 3rd party addons.

In October Train-ee will be offering a one-day “Intro to ExpressionEngine” class as part of the ExpressionEngine Conference in Alexandria, VA. Come out and see us!

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