Simplifying Tools Used for Feedback

by: Derek Jones on: 4/4/2012

EllisLab and the CodeIgniter Reactor team have been thrilled with participation in discussions, pull requests, code review, and idea submissions on GitHub.  It has resulted in a steady decline in traffic to the UserVoice forum that we opened prior to moving our codebase to GitHub, as the majority of those conversations have organically moved there as well.  So effective today, EllisLab and the CodeIgniter Reactor team are closing the UserVoice forum.

You can still comment on existing ideas if you wish, but voting and new ideas are closed, pending a deletion of the UserVoice forum which will take place on May 1st, 2012.  This should allow ample time for the community and team to move any discussions to GitHub from UserVoice that aren’t already taking place there.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these discussions!  We are confident that the simplification of how we gather feedback will make it easier for the team to monitor, and encourage the best exchanges from all voices.

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