Reminder: Twitter API v1 Being Retired Soon

by: Kevin Smith on: 2/28/2013

We just wanted to remind all site developers building and maintaining sites with ExpressionEngine that Twitter API v1 is being retired beginning March 5th, 2013. You can read more about the specifics on the Twitter Developers Blog.

While at first blush it may sound odd to bring this up on the EllisLab Blog, the reality is that there are plenty of ExpressionEngine-based sites built using add-ons that leverage Twitter API v1. Depending on how those add-ons make use of the API and whether they’ve been updated to work with Twitter API v1.1, some of the functionality in those add-ons may stop working properly come Tuesday.

For example, our own Twitter Timeline has been deprecated and will stop functioning properly as Twitter shuts off API v1. In its place, Twitter recommends Embedded Timelines, and given their mutable guidelines for how Tweets should be displayed, we’re inclined to agree.

If you’re using any add-ons that include Twitter functionality, your best bet is to check the add-ons’s support resources or ask the add-on developers to see if it’s compliant with Twitter API v1.1.

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