New Home for the User Guide

by: Derek Jones on: 12/23/2015

The ExpressionEngine user guide is now at a new home. There you can find documentation for all major versions of ExpressionEngine, including legacy and retired versions.

If you target the specific versions in your links, they will remain good regardless of future releases. So your links to https://docs.expressionengine.com/v3/ currently redirect to latest/, but will continue to point to v3 docs even after we release 4.0 (which would itself become latest/).

The move returns the focus on ExpressionEngine, and improves the experience for those who rely on auto-complete in their address bar. We’ve also added search for all versions, so we can tailor that experience and stop relying on Google. As always you can download your own copy of the user guide using the menu at the top right of each page.

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