Nevermind: Support Trial Offer Won’t Expire at the End of February

by: Kevin Smith on: 2/25/2013

In the blog post a few weeks ago where we announced even better guaranteed response times, we also included a note at the bottom reminding all existing ExpressionEngine and MojoMotor license holders to redeem their 3 free months of Silver support before the offer expires at the end of this month.

But you know what? Our goal here is to make sure all of our customers get the chance to try the new EllisLab Support. We asked ourselves whether closing the free trial offer for existing customers helps make that happen. When we looked at it that way, the answer was obvious. The best thing for you is for us to make sure the support trial remains available to any license holder who has not yet tried it out instead of letting that offer expire at the end of this month, so that’s just what we’re doing.

Now there’s no rush: feel free to wait until you need some help before signing up for your support trial, whenever that comes. And when it does, just log into the account that holds your license, add Silver Support to your cart, and complete your order as usual.

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