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by: Robin Sowell on: 3/22/2011

The dev team has been cranking away on file handling, and while we’re not quite ready for a new release, it’s time for an update on the current state of the code. We’re excited about how things are coming along and want to provide the community with a sneak peak and an opportunity to sound off.

The biggest change to file management is that each file’s location and metadata are now stored in the database. This has meant a lot of non-sexy backend work on code that provides both first and third parties with the needed functions to add/edit/delete those records. The Wiki, Moblog and Metaweblog API have already been switched over to use the new methods.

The move to adding file data to the database has allowed us to make a number of significant improvements. A variety of metadata can be associated with a file, and we now allow files to be assigned to multiple categories just like entries are- category groups can even be shared between file directories and channels! Recording the status, title, uploader, category, etc. has also allowed us to provide a greatly enhanced file filter in the File Manager and in the File Modal.

These new additions also lay the groundwork for the upcoming gallery import. Rather than having gallery functionality as a separate and somewhat neglected module, our aim is make all of the desirable gallery functionality available to ALL files stored in a file upload directory.

Already in place is the ability to set thumbnail preferences on a per directory basis- as many thumbs with whatever watermark settings you specify. And yes- we’ve provided a mechanism to regenerate all of the thumbs in a directory in one click should you decide to add a new thumb or change the settings on an existing one. Below is a screen cap of some of the additions to the File Upload Preferences page (which has been moved to the Content → File Manager section).


[Click for full image]

Still on the agenda- batch uploading, improvements to the File field (including the ability to specify the directory in the settings), frontend tags for displaying files, and improvements to the handling of subdirectories and of course the actual importing of existing galleries.

We’re hoping you’ll be as pleased with the new approach to files as we are. And as always, share your ideas. We’re listening!

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