Mijingo: A Funny Name, But a Serious Way to Learn ExpressionEngine

by: Ryan Irelan on: 8/28/2014

This post is from a featured guest, Ryan Irelan, who runs Mijingo

Mijingo was founded on ExpressionEngine. It’s the first topic I taught and the CMS that has powered Mijingo.com from the beginning.

Since publishing my first ExpressionEngine video course in 2008, I’ve been floored by how many people have told me that the Mijingo EE course was an important part of their getting started with ExpressionEngine. For some it even helped put them on a path to a different career.

One former student told me learning EE had changed his life.

I would never make such a claim but it’s inspiring to hear someone was able to affect that much professional change through learning ExpresssionEngine.

Individual learning

If you’re like a lot of folks who learn ExpressionEngine you are responsible for a large portion of the project. You might even be a solo practitioner who manages, designs, and develops every project. You do it all.

Once you master the basics of ExpressionEngine you will go on to build dozens of EE-powered websites.

ExpressionEngine is a great CMS choice because you can do web development without touching PHP or writing database queries. Folks like you use Mijingo because the material is crafted to give you everything you need as quickly as possible, but at your own pace. Stop and start a video, rewind, revisit, or sift through the included project code.

The most popular choice for learning ExpressionEngine at Mijingo is the ExpressionEngine fundamentals course. If you’re a beginner, this flagship course is perfect for you: it’s seven videos and covers everything you need to know about EE when starting out.

Upon successfully completing the course, you’ll have a sample university website running ExpressionEngine to show for it. You’ll have learned the most important skills for your future building EE-powered websites.

To customize your ExpressionEngine templates a bit more, you sometimes need to make custom queries to grab the data you need. The MySQL and ExpressionEngine course is a gentle introduction to this more advanced topic.

Once you master the basics of ExpressionEngine you will go on to build dozens of EE-powered websites.

But then you need to customize a site using an add-on. You need that bit of functionality that doesn’t exist. EE is wonderfully flexible and extensible.

Past Mijingo students asked for a course on extending ExpressionEngine with add-ons. The ExpressionEngine add-on development course by award winning add-on developer Low Schutte teaches best practices and techniques for ExpressionEngine add-on development. During the course you’ll completely build your first add-on called “Low Likes.”

Team training

A version of the ExpressionEngine fundamentals course is also available for your entire team to get up and running with EE. Mijingo’s ExpressionEngine classroom training is a 3-day, live classroom course is taught by me at your location. Like my videos, it is a fundamental introduction to ExpressionEngine but much more in-depth and personal.

My classroom training has helped universities and large media organizations train their teams and launch dozens of new ExpressionEngine sites.

One series of training classes I taught involved almost 30 developers. They took what they learned and trained more than three times that many with their new skills. That training is now paying dividends as their teams roll out site after site running ExpressionEngine.

Ready to learn something new?

Mijingo courses can give you the right start you need with ExpressioEngine and then help you take the next step in building a fully custom site on EE.

Students of the EE courses have said that my courses “always break up material into the perfect chunks” so it’s digestible and you learn the most possible.

Because you’ll always build realistic sample projects, you learn “how EE works, not just [repeat] things monkey-like,” as one former student observed.

A couple months ago a former student shared that he is “eternally grateful for the awesome [ExpressionEngine] series.”

Another said this:

Ryan’s screencasts changed the way I build for the web. They’re easy to follow and he doesn’t miss a step. I still refer to them when I’m stuck. Best investment I’ve made yet.

Learning a new tool can indeed change how you work. Mijingo is here to help.

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