Microsoft Kills What EllisLab Buried Eight Years Ago

by: Derek Jones on: 3/18/2015

When I heard of Microsoft’s supposed plans to rebrand their browser as Spartan in Windows 10, killing the tainted Explorer brand, I couldn’t help but dredge up this eulogy that Leslie Camacho and I made almost eight years ago. Also, wow, what a difference eight years makes in the quality of internet video. If you focus on the poor quality of the video, you hardly even notice how corny we are.

Originally posted by Leslie Camacho in 2007:

Please don’t take this video post for anything more than it is… a 30 minute creative break for Jones and I. We’re just blowing off steam on a topic near and dear to the heart of most web developers, nothing more, nothing less. If you have a video cam and need to blow off some IE6 steam as well, we invite you to post your own IE6 Eulogy and link to it from this post’s discussion thread. Or just write a eulogy. And while debugging IE6 is indeed cause for lots of cursing, please keep it PG if you link to it from our thread.

Also, Jones wants me to make sure and note a critical error in my eulogy. I refer to Eric Meyer as Meyers. My humble apologies to Eric. Also, I should note that I’ve had exactly three meaningful interactions with Jeffrey Zeldman and my referring to him as “grumpy” is an outright deception. He is, in fact, quite personable from my brief experience. Never-the-less, that beanie on his book does make him look grumpy, no?

In Microsoft’s defense, their browser has been getting much better over the past few years, and their efforts seem solid. Good on them for moving forward. Btw, ExpressionEngine 3.0 will require Internet Explorer 9+.

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