Managing Menus Masterfully

by: James Mathias on: 7/25/2016

In ExpressionEngine versions one and two you could customize the control panel main menu.

Due to this flexibility a person could mimic the “drowning_in_icons” desktop effect with little effort, in turn making the menu less useful, in spite of its flexibility.

When I started working on the control panel for version three, I wanted to make the cp responsive, take away the “flexibility” of the menu, and curate a more consistent user experience. My heart was in the right place, but my head was being stubborn.

In version 3.4, we introduced the new menu manager.

The Menu Manager

The menu manager lets anyone with “Access Settings” permissions customize a secondary menu for specific member groups. They can add, remove, and reorder add-on menus, custom links, and/or drop down menus, per member group.

The new menus appear below ExpressionEngine’s default menu items, allowing us to offer both a consistent user experience, and a customizable menu, all while keeping the control panel responsive.

The Custom Menu

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