Introducing Channel Sets

by: James Mathias on: 4/14/2016

I’ve built a lot of sites with ExpressionEngine. I love ExpressionEngine.

One thing that’s always been a hassle when building a new site is making all the custom fields and channels from scratch. It’s repetitive. Making new channels and fields is especially repetitive when you’ve already built fifty blogs/calendars/portfolios/etc.

In ExpressionEngine 3.3, we’re introducing Channel Sets.

With Channel Sets you can export a Channel or set of Channels. Then you can import that set into a new or existing install of ExpressionEngine 3.3.

Think about that for a second.

You won’t ever recreate a Channel or fields again. You’ll import your preferred Channel structure. And start adding content.

A Channel Set includes Categories, Statuses, Custom fields, and any relationships between channels.

We think Channel Sets will offer a huge boost to your ExpressionEngine workflow, and we can’t wait for you to try them.

ExpressionEngine 3.3 with Channel Sets is in Developer Preview. We hope to have it available for download very soon.

PS: We’ll be releasing a small number of pre-made Channel Sets at launch, to jump-start your next website without a ton of extra set up.

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