Introducing a New EllisLab Support Experience

by: Kevin Smith on: 11/25/2012

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’re launching a lot of shiny newness today, and a huge part of it is the long-awaited arrival of our new support plans!

We take joy every day in creating a powerful publishing platform that enables you to build truly incredible things for your clients, and over the years we’ve become known for backing you with helpful, friendly technical support along the way.

The EllisLab community is a close-knit group of powerhouse talent and has grown a lot in recent years. You’ve grown not only in the number of people who are now part of our community, but also in the scope of the projects being accomplished with our powerful, flexible platforms. The community has grown so much, in fact, that you bring needs our old support system could simply no longer handle. From the many small business and personal sites using our software to the scores of ExpressionEngine-powered websites for major corporations, government organizations, and political figures, we’ve now got a wide range of challenges to meet.

Support has always been a critical component of our software, and we’ve been working hard on a serious upgrade to the support experience. Last year, we launched Private Support beta, and through that beta test we learned a lot about how to best help designers and developers who are building things with ExpressionEngine and MojoMotor. For example, if we can get access to the troubled site right away, we can do most of the troubleshooting ourselves. That cuts out a lot of back and forth, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to resolve a support request. A private conversation between the support users and ourselves also allows for a much more focused, frank discussion, improving the experience for everyone, and it makes for a much faster resolution.

So I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that a completely redesigned experience with EllisLab Support launches today. This is a radically new thing. Seriously. That’s because we’re supporting you. We want you to succeed. These new support plans get you support for any EE or MM site you’re working on, cover all current and legacy platforms, and guarantee responses times as speedy as 2 business hours! This isn’t about how many software licenses you have or even if a particular site license is tied to your account. It’s about empowering you to do amazing things on the web and giving you the confidence that we’ve got your back the entire time.

To show that we mean it, every single ExpressionEngine or MojoMotor license holder gets 3 months of the new EllisLab Support right now.  To start your complementary 3 month subscription, just add Silver Support to your cart in the store and complete the order as usual. And starting today, anyone purchasing our software for the first time will get the same deal.

Since we’ve redesigned tech support from the ground up, official support from EllisLab will no longer be provided in the forums. If you have an ongoing tech support thread in the forum, it’s in the process of being converted to a private ticket in the new support system, and we’ll be following up with you privately very soon. You can see your tickets in the new EllisLab Support center. Of course, this doesn’t mean the forums are going away. The Community Support and Development & Programming forums will remain a valuable resource for the EllisLab community to toss in and help each other out. In fact, we’re rolling out some new tools in the Community Help forums today that will make it even easier for you to give and receive help. Those tools include voting potential answers up or down and allowing the thread’s original author to mark an answer as the accepted solution.

This is just the start. Everything we’re working on is all about helping you change the world with great publishing tools and the kind of expert help you need to make the most of them, and we can’t wait to see what ExpressionEngine and MojoMotor empower you to accomplish. If you haven’t yet taken a look at the new EllisLab Support lineup, please do so now.

If you have any questions about EllisLab Support, be sure to check out the Support FAQ or write us with your question at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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