GeeUp 2016: Automated Testing—It’s Not Just for Programmers

by: Derek Jones on: 5/23/2016

Kevin Cupp: Automated Testing

Adding features or making changes to a web site or app can cause anxiety. What if you break something and cause a bug? This week at the GeeUp conference in Leiden, EllisLab engineer Kevin Cupp will demistify automated testing. He will show you how you can know right away if your new changes are really working, increasing trust and stability of your code base.

The benefits of automated testing go beyond a programmer’s code. Kevin will also share some tips for automating tests that can help site builders and even content authors ship with confidence. Test All The Things!

GeeUp is a web conference brought to you by Lodewijk “Low” Schutte in historic Leiden, the Netherlands. If you’re attending this year, make sure to say “hi” to Kevin, he’d love to chat with you!

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