PHP’s Fileinfo Required in 2.10.0

by: Seth Barber on: 5/1/2015

ExpressionEngine 2.10.0 introduced a new MIME type detection library. We use this library in our upload code to ensure the file being uploaded is safe. We now require PHP’s Fileinfo extension, which they note “is enabled by default as of PHP 5.3.0,” and we have updated our server compatibility wizard to check for Fileinfo. We have made the assumption that most hosts have Fileinfo available, however, it can be explicitly disabled via the --disable-fileinfo configuration option when compiling.

In addition, we have changed the format and contents of system/expressionengine/config/mimes.php. If you did not replace that file during the upgrade to 2.10.0 you should expect errors with file uploads.

If you encounter problems with uploading files check the following:

  1. Login to your CP and go to Tools, then Utilities, then PHP Info. If you see --disable-fileinfo on that page (I recommend using your browser’s search function) then you will need to contact your host and have them provide a version of PHP with fileinfo not disabled (i.e. enabled).
  2. Check your system/expressionengine/config/mimes.php file. If it does not contain $whitelist = array around line 31 you will need to upload a fresh copy.

If you use MediaTemple you will need to create a phprc file that contains the following:

extension = fileinfo.so

If you are on Windows, PHP notes that you “must include the bundled php_fileinfo.dll DLL file in php.ini to enable” fileinfo.

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