Extended End-of-Life for ExpressionEngine 2

by: Derek Jones on: 9/27/2016

ExpressionEngine 2 Sunset

When we released ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 2 was scheduled for end-of-life on October 13. In this past year, we continued to offer v2 as an alternative for all new purchases, in case you had a v2 project already planned.

This was plenty of time for most customers, but there are still some folks who are unable to upgrade because they have been waiting for this or that add-on to be updated. As one specific example, somewhere just south of 20% of ExpressionEngine 2 sites used Structure. Thanks to a buyout and rapid development from the team at EEHarbor, Structure is finally available for ExpressionEngine 3. We also have word that Assets will be right on its heels, from the same team.

It wouldn’t be good business or kind to tell all those people, “There you go, now you have about two weeks to plan and execute an upgrade to v3!” So we’ve decided to extend ExpressionEngine 2’s golden hour before its sunset.

We are extending ExpressionEngine 2’s EOL for at least three months, and will provide an updated date in mid-January. This means we will continue to provide support for the legacy platform, and continue to offer v2 as an alternative download for new purchases. To celebrate EEHarbor’s release of Structure for v3, we are offering an upgrade sale for the rest of this week, 33% off! Buy now at the reduced price, and upgrade when you’re ready!

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