ExpressionEngine Upgrade Policy is Retroactive

by: Leslie Camacho on: 8/17/2011

We recently announced the new upgrade policy for all our software on the EllisLab blog. There was one point that we needed to settle specifically for ExpressionEngine. Would the new policy be retroactive for expired ExpressionEngine 1.x Download Accounts?

As you can tell from the title, the answer is yes. As of today, that’s reflected in the store as well. If your Download Account was expired for EE 1, you can now download the latest version of EE1.

However, please note that the upgrade pricing has not changed, just the ability to download ExpressionEngine 1.x.

If the Download Account was expired when the new policy went into effect, the upgrade price will still be the same as before ($50 + old renewal fee). Likewise, if the Download Account was active when the new policy went into effect, the price to upgrade to EE2 is still just $50.

In other words, if you renewed your account just before the new policy, you still get the advantages of the renewal in terms of the upgrade price to EE2.

We think this is the fairest way to put the new policy into effect while keeping everything simple and easy.


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