ExpressionEngine Conference, Special Edition: October 15

by: Derek Jones on: 9/10/2015

A few months ago, the great folks who run the ExpressionEngine Conference asked us if we would participate in a special one-day event focusing on ExpressionEngine 3.0. We were more than happy to, and with the venue they are providing along the River Walk in San Antonio, how could we say no?

Here are the talks our team has planned:

  • Keynote Address: It took foundational changes to both EllisLab and ExpressionEngine to get to version 3.0. I’ll share what this new release brings and where ExpressionEngine is headed for the future. A must-hear talk for anyone with an interest in ExpressionEngine.

  • Upgrading to ExpressionEngine 3.0: Wes Baker, our CTO will cover ExpressionEngine 3’s simplified upgrade process. Most importantly, many of you have bespoke functionality and add-ons you need to prepare. Wes will walk you through getting those ready so you can have confidence before you click.

  • Rebuilding the Control Panel for 3.0: James Mathias, our CCO will walk you though the thought process and goals for the new ExpressionEngine 3.0 control panel. You’ll get an overview of the ExpressionEngine 3.0 control panel style guide, its use, and purpose. Then he will answer any questions you have on best practices for UI/UX implementation within ExpressionEngine 3.0.

  • Models & Profiling: Pascal Kriete, a five-year engineer with EllisLab, shows one of the biggest under-the-hood changes to ExpressionEngine 3: a new way to interact with your data. He will share why using models makes code simpler and add-ons more maintainable. Learn how to read the new profiler queries, how to debug bottlenecks, and of course how to write your own models.

  • Q&A: Still have a question we didn’t cover? The entire EllisLab team will be on hand to give you answers.

The event includes a couple of great talks from people outside of EllisLab as well. For example, Ben Smith from our friends at Vector Media Group, who recently acquired the popular ExpressionEngine eCommerce solution CartThrob. The day ends with a wonderful private dinner and stunning nighttime river boat rides on the Paseo del Río.

Promotional Pricing

Many will be taking a three-day weekend after the conference in this beautiful, warm, autumn location. We’d like to acknowledge the extra effort this may take for some by offering all attendees promotional pricing. Each conference attendee will be able to buy an ExpressionEngine 3.0 license for half off upon release.

If you can swing it, you won’t regret it. The special one-day conference is packed with information to help you and your clients transition smoothly to the improved platform. Following that, enjoy networking with your peers or just spend time with your friends and family along the River Walk. See you there!

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