ExpressionEngine Adding New Relic Compatibility

by: Derek Jones on: 7/1/2013

ExpressionEngine will soon be bringing out-of-the-box compatibility with the popular application performance monitoring service New Relic. We’ve been using the service ourselves and find it incredibly useful and oftentimes enlightening. With no need to install a module or add any tags, ExpressionEngine will automatically detect if New Relic is enabled in your PHP environment and provide you with a wealth of useful information.

If you’re unfamiliar, New Relic gives you a look into all aspects of the full stack of your site’s performance, particularly at the transaction level. For example, two of the transactions for our site are labeled “expressionengine/features” and “event/submit”. Some of the metrics it gives you access to:

  • Individual page transaction performance
  • Slow SQL queries
  • Detailed stack traces that can help diagnose specific pain points in both first and third-party code.
  • Identifying transactions that are memory / resource hogs

We’d like to hear feedback from those who use New Relic to meet as many of your needs as we can in its initial release. What features of the New Relic API have you been using? Metrics that you wanted to see but did not know how or couldn’t add it to your ExpressionEngine installation for some reason? Add-on developers, are there additional metrics or custom tracers that you are using or would like to? How would you like to interact with New Relic on behalf of your users?

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