ExpressionEngine 3.5.8 Released

by: Robin Sowell on: 6/15/2017

ExpressionEngine 3.5.8 is now available for download.

This is a security release, with several improvements thanks to the fantastic reports we received from security researchers Mustafa Hasan and Erik McClements.

You’ll also find optimizations to entry saving and channel form parsing when handling large numbers of categories.

18 additional bug fixes are included. Pages are now nested in the control panel and relationship fields recognize sticky entries and are again searchable by non-superadmins. Several display issues were fixed, including a bug in grid fields where the the column widths were not universally respected and a weird one where the date picker was sometimes blank in Firefox.

There was even a fix to the 3.1.0 updater, where in certain circumstances we were checking for a variable that did not yet exist. Hopefully you’re way past running the 3.1.0 updater anyway!

Even the RTE module got some love this release, and should now load third-party RTE tools.

Check out the changelog for the full scoop or head over to download it now.

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