ExpressionEngine 3.5.4 Released

by: Robin Sowell on: 3/16/2017

For those of us freezing our tooshies off in the Northeast, a patch release! It’s like a fresh breath of warm spring air.

Well, maybe not. But it IS like a nice bouquet of bug fixes. Most importantly, we are marking this as a critical patch release due to a potential data loss issue when deleting control panel admin users who have modified templates.

There are over 20 improvements in this release, including a more consistent UI for status groups, improved handling of redirects with query strings, pagination fixes for banned and pending member pages, some edge-case Grid and Relationship fixes and more.

A particularly quirky issue (mostly) fixed by this release was password autofilling when you don’t want it to happen. If you’re creating a new member, you really don’t need it adding your email automagically. Browser vendors somehow think they know best, and don’t provide a consistent way to TURN AUTOFILL OFF on a per field basis, so we’ve resorted to some trickery that will prevent autofilling settings fields in most browsers.

Developers can get in on the fruits of our sneaky labor by using the shared form view, where all inputs with type="password" automatically benefit.

And seriously, Firefox. Why can’t I have nice things too?

See the changelog for all the goodies. Hopefully spring will be restored in time for our next release!

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