ExpressionEngine 3.5.11 Released

by: Robin Sowell on: 8/24/2017

The solar eclipse was not a harbinger of doom afterall. Yay! In celebration, here’s ExpressionEngine 3.5.11.

Template parsing of large templates should be faster and so should the control panel’s edit entry page. We ditched some extra AJAX validation that was occuring when clearing out file fields. You’ll also spot the addition of a per page filter to a number of tables in the template manager, the member manager and the channel administration pages.

Bug fixes were well represented this release. There were over a dozen fixes, including everything from accommodations for IE’s JSON ignorance to forum notification settings that needed to stick. The Simple Commerce module can send HTML emails again and if your MySQL server setup doesn’t start your new table off with an index of 1, that’s no longer a problem for the installer.

Third party developers weren’t forgotten. There were several fixes to legacy libraries. The file model now deletes files more intelligently and password validation errors show the proper password length.

See the changelog for all the details or download it now and start enjoying the improvements.

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