ExpressionEngine 3.4.0 Developer Preview

by: Derek Jones on: 6/15/2016

Developers now have their hands on a preview of ExpressionEngine 3.4.0. The primary reason for a developer preview is a new feature available to third-party developers: custom control panel menus.

custom control panel navigation items

Third-party developers can now add control panel navigation items with a dead simple API. It allows the creation of single item menus, dropdown menus, fuzzy search filtering, and call to action items.

$sub = $menu->addSubmenu('Widget Maker');

foreach ($widgets as $id => $title)
    $sub->addItem($title, ee('CP/URL')->make($base_url.'/edit/'.$id));

$sub->withAddLink('Create Widget', ee('CP/URL')->make($base_url.'/create'));
$sub->withFilter('search widgets...');

And there’s a new parse_config_variables() global function for parsing {base_url} and {base_path} variables in your add-on’s settings. Yep, those variables are new, all your base are belong to config.

dynamic base path and url settings

Here’s a brief list of the other changes relevant to add-on builders:

  • There’s a new validation rule: limitHtml. Now you can suppress creativity in style!
  • Model queries have gained a search() method so that you don’t need to muck around with LIKE statements anymore.
  • We’ve simplified the Profiler Performance tab, and broke out time spent accessing the database.

There are more fun things in store for site builders and end users, which we’ll talk about in greater detail as we get closer to release. We anticipate this developer preview to last a couple weeks.

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