ExpressionEngine 3.1.3 Released

by: Seth Barber on: 2/25/2016

Just like a speedy and agile motorized drift trike we bring you ExpressionEngine 3.1.3 and announce that 3.2.0 is in Developer Preview! This patch release contains more than 30 bug fixes. Here are the highlights, but check out the changelog for the full list:

  • Added visual indicators to required grid columns.
  • Grid’s data type options now use the same names as the custom field’s type options.
  • When editing a grid column’s data type the options are now filtered based on field type compatibility.
  • Member listing setting “Sort By” choices now match available columns.
  • Tweaked Performance tab of the Profiler for clearer display.
  • Fixed a bug (#21457) where unchecked checkboxes in a publish form didn’t stay unchecked.
  • Fixed a bug (#21569) where categories of the same name thought they were all selected when only some of them were.
  • Fixed a bug (#21595) where categories created under another MSM site could not be assigned to an entry.
  • Fixed a bug where custom fields could use reserved words as their short name.
  • Fixed a bug where a Super Admin could delete his/her own account.
  • Fixed a bug where saving a template did not clear any of the caches.
  • Fixed a bug where the Revisions tab on the publish entry form only showed two versions instead of all your versions.

Stay tuned for 3.2.0, it has some really fun stuff in it!

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