ExpressionEngine 2014 Conferences

by: Derek Jones on: 2/27/2014

While we eagerly await news about this year’s official ExpressionEngine Conference, we’ve received details about an exciting new conference in Europe: GeeUp. From GeeUp’s organizer Lodewijk Schutte:

During this two-day event — on 19 and 20 June 2014 in Leiden, the Netherlands — there will be talks given by an array of excellent speakers: experienced developers Jamie Pittock and John D Wells share their EE-insights; add-on buffs Joel Bradbury and Ben Croker expose the edges of EE; local project managers Marrije Schaake and Désirée Battjes discuss aspects of running a business; and community expert Leslie Doherty explores creativity. You will definitely be inspired.

Those who are new to ExpressionEngine can attend an all-day beginners workshop by EE heavyweight Carl “Mr Hippo” Crawley. You’ll learn all you need to start building EE sites with confidence. If you’re interested in add-on development, then Lodewijk “Low” Schutte’s workshop is just the ticket. You’ll learn how to build solid and well-coded add-ons from this acclaimed developer.

Of course, there will be plenty of food & drink and opportunity to share knowledge with fellow attendees. If you want to know more, visit geeuphq.com and follow @geeuphq on Twitter.

And stay tuned for more information on the official ExpressionEngine Conference serving a worldwide audience coming this fall!

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