ExpressionEngine 2.9.3 Released

by: Derek Jones on: 3/24/2015

ExpressionEngine 2.9.3 has been released and is a stability release with 11 minor improvements, 44 bug fixes, 3 developer enchancements, and is recommended for all installations. This release mostly cleans up some small annoyances, but has a few relevant changes that will improve your site and how you work. For example:

  • Fixed a bug (#20621) where fieldtype modifiers were not working in conditionals unless they were braced and quoted.

This change means that you should be able to stop using conditionals like {if "{my_field:some_modifier}" == "this"}...{/if} in third-party field types and can properly write them as {if my_field:some_modifier == "this"}...{/if}. This will improve template performance, but perhaps more importantly, your sites will be protected from field content becoming a site-breaking or security issue due to improper conditionals.

For developers: though they may look similar, modifiers differ from prefixed variables by creating multiple rendering options.

  • Added the license number and license owner to the control panel footer.

Now the license registration is more easily located by clients and those inexperienced with ExpressionEngine, which should speed up the process for clients who have lost track of their developers and are in need of access to software updates.

  • Set the default behavior for member deletions to re-assign entries rather than delete them.
  • Fixed a bug (#20657) in the control panel where deleting a member and their channel entries could leave orphaned channel field data in the database.

Both of these bug fixes impact organizations with lots of content that experience staff changes.

  • Added allow_pending_login config override to allow the Pending member group to log in.

This change allows sites to flip a switch to allow Pending members to log in. They will of course inherit whatever settings you have for the Pending group while logged in. Useful for subscription based sites that want new accounts to be able to interact in limited ways before being activated.

  • Added hooks for additional processing after a user resets their password. member_process_reset_password for front end, and cp_member_reset_password for the control panel.

For developers, these handy password reset extensions are great if you are creating SSO solutions.

You can view the details for all 58 improvements in the 2.9.3 Change Log. Enjoy!

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