ExpressionEngine 2.7.1 Released

by: Kevin Cupp on: 9/24/2013

ExpressionEngine 2.7.1 is now available for download. It is a stability release that squashes over 30 bugs and makes a few noteworthy changes.

  • We’ve added the modulus operator to template conditionals. A common use case for modulus is doing something every nth loop of a tag pair and {switch=} isn’t quite right for the job. For example, if we want to close and open a new column every four entries, we may write something like this in our template:

    {if count % 4 == 0}
        <div class="column">
  • We’re now tracking control panel sessions across multiple open browser tabs or windows, so when working across multiple tabs, idle time is reflected across all tabs so stale tabs do not give you a logout notification. Furthermore, if a member logs out on one tab, they become logged out across all tabs.

  • Grid column names now automatically populate based on the column label.

  • We’ve added the ability to change the application name that appears in New Relic’s dashboard.

  • The site label now appears next to New Relic web transactions if Multiple Site Manager is enabled so you can really zero in on the performance metrics.

For a full list of changes, head over to the changelog.

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