ExpressionEngine 2.6 and Strict URLs

by: Dan Decker on: 4/9/2013

ExpressionEngine 2.6 is just around the corner. This release is packed with new, exciting features as well as a few small changes. One of those changes is ExpressionEngine’s default setting for Strict URLs.

EllisLab has always encouraged using the Strict URLs feature in ExpressionEngine. When enabled, it makes sure that your content is available via authoritative URLs.

Let’s take a look at an example:

  • site (your default template group)
    • index* (your homepage)
    • about-us
    • contact-us

With Strict URLs disabled, it’s possible to visit http://example.com/about-us/ and view that content. But you can also visit http://example.com/site/about-us/ and get the exact same content. This flexibility can be advantageous, but it comes with a price: dual availability can cause search engines to lower the content’s ranking.

With ExpressionEngine 2.6 and up, Strict URLs will be enabled by default in new installations. Using the same example, http://example.com/site/about-us/ is the only valid URL for that content. Visiting http://example.com/about-us/ with Strict URLs enabled will trigger ExpressionEngine’s defined 404 behavior.

If you are updating, don’t worry, ExpressionEngine will honor your current Strict URL preference. With this minor change in ExpressionEngine 2.6, we’re encouraging best-practice by default.

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