ExpressionEngine 2 Retirement Date

by: Derek Jones on: 1/31/2017

ExpressionEngine 2 was scheduled for retirement last October. However, we found some customers were relying on complex add-ons like Structure (in beta at the time), so we delayed its retirement.

We said we’d post an update in mid-January on our plans, and we’re sorry for missing that date. But, we wanted to wait for some exciting news to drop. Vector Media Group, makers of CartThrob, acquired DevDemon along with Expresso Store. This is a large number of customers who now have a smooth path forward on their favorite CMS.

Today, we’re announcing the official retirement date for ExpressionEngine 2: April 30, 2017, an extra three months. During this time, ExpressionEngine 2 will still receive critical security fixes. And as a legacy product, it will continue to be available for download on new purchases. This provision is helpful to agencies who have very long lead times on projects and have already planned to launch on ExpressionEngine 2.

After April 30, ExpressionEngine 2 will become a retired product, will not receive updates of any kind, nor will it be available on new purchases. While support will not be officially available, we will continue to do right by our customers, particularly helping them to upgrade. Some folks rarely update their software unless something breaks, usually from a hosting change. We continue to help version 1 customers who come our way, and we’ll continue to do the same for version 2 customers.

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