EllisLab Support Gets Even Better

by: Kevin Smith on: 2/11/2013

When we launched EllisLab Support late last year, we announced 3 support plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. For each plan, we guaranteed we’d get that first response to you within a certain timeframe. That one change alone is a major improvement over the old support system, to say the least.

But even when we offer something great, that doesn’t mean we stop looking for ways to make it better, so several weeks ago we quietly tweaked our support system to bump up those guaranteed response times to offer even better service and see if we could still handle the support load. Even though we didn’t say a word about it, those of you using EllisLab Support must have noticed because the response from you has been awesome. Here’s just a sample:

If this is indicative of the new support system, I will be very happy paying for support over and above the old ‘free’ support — in fact, I would absolutely prefer it.

Thank you for your speedy and thorough work, Robin! Totally worth the
service package I bought! You are a star!

The test was quite a success, and now we’re excited to announce these permanent changes to EllisLab Support:

The Silver support plan now guarantees that first response in 1 business day instead of 2, Gold promises 4 business hours instead of 1 business day, and Platinum promises 1 business hour instead of 4.

One more important thing: When we announced EllisLab Support, we mentioned that every existing ExpressionEngine and MojoMotor license holder gets 3 months for free. If you haven’t redeemed your 3 free months yet, you’ve still got time to do it. Just add Silver Support to your cart in the store and complete the order as usual. The offer expires February 28th, so please make sure you’ve redeemed your 3 months of EllisLab Support before the end of this month. Nevermind!

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