EllisLab Q&A at the ExpressionEngine Conference

by: Derek Jones on: 10/10/2013

EllisLab’s entire staff will be participating in a Q&A session at the upcoming ExpressionEngine Conference on Monday at 11am. While we will be fielding live questions from the audience, we are also taking questions in advance that the moderator will ask. This allows people who are planning on going to one of the other two talks at 11am (or who cannot attend the conference at all) to have an opportunity to have their questions answered. With so many people on our panel, it also helps us coordinate the short fifty minutes so that we can answer as many questions as possible in a sane manner. It also has the benefit of eliminating potentially long lines at the microphones.

Here is a sample of what we have so far:

  • How does EllisLab feel about the StackExchange site?
  • Is there a plan to implement fieldtypes for custom member fields?
  • The ExpressionEngine control panel needs love - is it of any interest to EllisLab?
  • Will we ever get an easier way to manage updates (for ExpressionEngine and for add-ons)?
  • How does EllisLab debate which functionality to integrate into the product that’s already been covered by third-party add-ons? Should developers with popular add-ons be worried?
  • What is EllisLab doing to keep up with competition?
  • When will ExpressionEngine 3 be announced?
  • MSM has some weaknesses—what do you feel you can do to make this a more competitive product?
  • Support subscriptions have been out for six plus months now, how is it going and do you feel this will continue to be the future for EllisLab support?
  • What options will EllisLab push in the future to drive more business to ExpressionEngine shops?
  • How are your staffing changes contributing to your future, both EllisLab and ExpressionEngine?
  • Will ExpressionEngine ever change from allowing only a single field group assignment to a channel?
  • Will EE ever have an API that it uses everywhere?

Skip the queue, and submit your question now. Ask us about ExpressionEngine, about support, about our staff, about how we work, about our company, or anything you like. We will stop taking questions online on Saturday, October 12 so that we can allow the moderator plenty of time to organize the pre-submitted questions.

We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible during the alloted fifty minutes. Regardless of whether you ask a question at our Q&A, please feel free to come up to any of us during the conference to chat. We have no private or secluded meetings scheduled, and if you see us clumping together, it’s just because we only get to see each other in person about once a year. We will be having staff meetings after the conference is over, so do not worry that you are interrupting us.

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