EllisLab and Gippy’s Internet Solutions Sever Ties

by: Leslie Camacho on: 3/8/2012

After ten years, EllisLab, Inc. and Gippy’s Internet Solutions, LLC (the company that has powered the services provided at EngineHosting) are parting ways, giving both companies the freedom to pursue independent business goals.

On a number of occasions, including at EECI 2011 New York, the principals at Gippy’s expressed a desire to move on from our current relationship, freeing them to pursue business goals that would not be permissible within our current contract. So while EllisLab is saddened to see the relationship end, today we are officially ending our association with Gippy’s.

The ten year relationship has been so seamless that most are not even aware that there were two different companies behind EngineHosting. That experience is difficult to craft and both companies succeeded, which was a huge win for all of the ExpressionEngine clients that have enjoyed rock solid hosting over the years. We are proud of what both companies were able to accomplish in that regard.

Gippy’s has always been an excellent hosting provider and upstanding contributor to the Community and we have every reason to believe that will continue far into the future.

The only practical change for the Community is that ExpressionEngine is now available exclusively through ExpressionEngine.com. If you previously purchased your ExpressionEngine license through Gippy’s, it will of course remain valid.

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