Developer Preview Has Begun for ExpressionEngine 4!

by: Derek Jones on: 10/24/2017

Today we released the ExpressionEngine 4 Developer Preview. What’s new?

One-click Updates

Finally, amirite? Keeping your sites secure and up to date couldn’t be easier. One-click updates, with the attention to security that you expect from ExpressionEngine. Power users can even run updates from the command line.

Fluid Fields

Fluid fields are a brand new field type that lets an author flow content in the order they need for the ultimate flexibility. This article needs text => image => text => image => image. Another article in the same channel needs video => text => image => text. No problem.

Content authors get flexibility without compromise. Site builders keep 100% control of the markup and presentation. You can make Fluid fields from a combination of any other field types, including Grid.

Fields, Unchained

Fields now have unparalleled flexibility. You can assign fields to Channels a-la-carte, they can live in many field groups (or none), and you can use them across all your Sites. Fewer fields, simpler templates and site builds.

Channel Manager

ExpressionEngine 4 has a new intuitive workflow for creating your information architecture. Click once to create a new Channel, then select or create new fields on the fly without ever leaving the page. Just create components in the order that you think of them. No browser tabs, no refreshing, no mental juggling.

Template Variable Modifiers

ExpressionEngine 4 reduces how many plugins you need for common output tasks. Using content inside an HTML meta tag or data attribute. JSON encoding. Character limiting. Formatting currency, and much much more. Simply add the modifier to your template variable: {my_variable:json}

Layout Variable Lists

Layout Variables can now work like lists, adding values to an existing Layout Variable. You can even synchronize lists of related data to use together later. For example: pairing URLs and titles to create both HTML and JSON-LD breadcrumbs in your layout from the same lists.

Database Backups

A key step for one-click updating is backing up your site’s database. We’ve also made this available to you as a standalone, in-app database backup utility. Simple, reliable, and in our experience it works even better than phpMyAdmin on large databases.

Support for 💩


Update my add-ons, again?

We know most of you had to deal with gathering and updating add-ons to upgrade to version 3. Our goal for this release is for most add-ons to need zero or minimal changes. We’ll do our best to catch any exceptions during the Preview and help developers provide simple solutions. But there are still plenty of optional new things for developers to take advantage of. We’ve sent a full list of those changes to developers in the Preview.

Developers: check your inbox for access to downloads and some of the nitty-gritty details. As always, you can post your questions and bug reports to the Developer Preview forums.

When? How Much?

We’ll announce those details along with pricing soon. Rest assured, there is no penalty for buying ExpressionEngine 3 today. Any purchases of ExpressionEngine 3 (including upgrades) made from here until v4 goes on sale will get a free upgrade. And in celebration, upgrades to v3 are on sale for 10% off for the remainder of the week. Enjoy!

We are super excited about ExpressionEngine 4 and hope you are too. We’ll be taking deep dives into all of these features in the future, as we’ve barely scratched the surface here!

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